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UPDATE: City agrees to Settle with Library Workers on Unfair Labor Practice on Sunday Branch Hours

Since the fall of 2022, the Union has been fighting with the City to secure a resolution on the Sunday branch hours issue. As you may recall, the Union filed an Unfair Labor Practice against the City because they unilaterally changed our working conditions without negotiating with the Union before implementing Sunday branch hours.

After several rounds of settlement discussion between the Union and SJPL, we are happy to report that the Union has won a settlement that will last us through this year’s contract negotiations – when we will secure a more permanent resolution and compensation for staff working Sunday hours.

In summary, the settlement includes full-time staff having two paid comp days (16 hours) added to their leave balances, while part-time librarians and clerks will have 10 hours of paid comp time added to their leave balances. Part-time library aides and pages will receive small cash payments of $100 and $219, respectively. The full text of the settlement can be read here.

We still have much work to do in this year’s contract negotiations. Beyond Sunday branch hours, we’re all feeling the pinch of short staffing, low wages (especially considering what inflation has done to the cost of living), safety concerns, and executive leadership that is out of touch with what’s occurring on the front lines. It’s more important than ever before that Library workers stand together to fight for better wages, benefits, working conditions, and to finally - Staff Up San Jose!


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