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Time to Ratify: Your Voice Matters in the Final Step

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

After months of dedicated effort, challenging negotiations, and unwavering unity, we are proud to announce that we have reached a significant milestone in our campaign to secure a fair contract for the dedicated employees of the City of San Jose. It's time to ratify the contract, and your voice is the deciding role in determining the outcome. Our bargaining team has fought tirelessly to bring you the best possible deal that addresses critical issues and advances our shared goals. We are pleased to present this agreement to you for ratification, as the bargaining team unanimously recommends a "Yes" vote. This is a pivotal moment, and your participation is essential in finalizing the terms that will shape our collective future. You can view the full ratification document here. Once the membership votes "yes," the contract will proceed to the council for final approval. However, if the membership votes "no," we will be compelled to return to the bargaining table without additional authority, and it's important to note that this would lead to a strike that may not change any outcome. The Vote will be by secret ballots at sites throughout the City. At this juncture, it's evident that we have achieved substantial progress through our relentless advocacy, pushing the City to the limits to secure an agreement that will significantly impact recruitment and retention efforts, thereby advancing our "Staff Up San Jose" mission. We remind you that only union members are eligible to vote. If you're not yet a member, you can sign up for Local 101 at voting locations or conveniently online here. The tentative agreement outline is available for your review, providing a comprehensive overview of the terms that have been negotiated. Information about voting and voting locations can be found here. In preparation for the vote, we kindly ask you to RSVP for specific voting locations and times through the link provided. Our dedicated bargaining team members will be present to address any questions you may have. As we stand on the threshold of this decision, let us take pride in what we have accomplished together. While the agreement may not be perfect, it is undoubtedly a significant step forward – the best contract a City union has secured in decades. This achievement is a testament to our organizing efforts and the strength of our solidarity. Your voice matters. Your vote counts. Vote!


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