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Mediation Date Set and Preparation for Potential Strike

The Municipal Employees' Federation MEF-AFSCME) is pleased to inform you that a mediation date has been set for July 12th, providing us with another opportunity to reach an agreement for a new contract that addresses our concerns and secures a better future for all of us.

Mediation serves as a crucial turning point in our efforts to secure a fair and equitable contract. It is an opportunity for both parties to come together, discuss our respective positions, and work towards finding common ground. Your dedicated negotiating team will be fully prepared to advocate for our interests during this crucial session.

However, if mediation does not yield the desired outcome, we must remain prepared to take further action. We want to emphasize that MEF is committed to exhausting all available options to ensure our voices are heard and our concerns are addressed. Therefore, we are continuing our preparations for an initial two-day strike, which we sincerely hope will not be necessary.

To empower and equip you with the necessary knowledge and support, we strongly encourage you to sign up for "Strike School." This unique opportunity will provide you with comprehensive information about how you are 100% legally allowed and protected to strike and participate in pre-strike activities, bargaining, and the next steps in this critical process. "Strike School" will address any questions you may have, ensuring that you have a deeper understanding of our collective objectives and the actions we may need to take. We’re also attaching our “Strike FAQ” here for you to review.

"Strike School" will be in person on July 12th at 5:30 PM and repeats at 7:30 PM across the street from City Hall. You must be a member to attend and RSVP, which you can do here

By participating in "Strike School," you will gain valuable knowledge and strengthen our solidarity as a united front, united in our pursuit of a fair and just contract.

Furthermore, we urge everyone to sign the "I AM Ready to Strike" petition. Signing the petition is not an official vote for a strike but serves as a call to hold a vote of Union members for a strike.

Remember, our collective strength lies in our unity and unwavering resolve. We are confident that, together, we can achieve a contract that restores public services to an acceptable level, recognizes the value of our work, and upholds the rights and well-being of every City of San Jose employee.

We’re proud to stand alongside each of you with your continued support, dedication, and commitment to this cause. We will keep you updated on the mediation proceedings and any further developments. Stay tuned for more information, and be prepared to stand together for the future we deserve.


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