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The City Council just voted to accept our agreement terms, and we are excited to be now able to share the agreement details with you. The MEF – AFSCME Local 101 Bargaining Team is therefore calling for an end to the planned Strike. We will ask Union members to ratify and approve the agreement in the coming days.

A complete summary and outline will be made available in the coming days, but here are some of the highlights:

Wage Increases

  • 6% in Year One (Effective upon ratification of Union members and City Council)

  • 5% in Year Two (4% effective July 1, 2024, and an additional 1% effective January 1, 2025)

  • 3.5% to 4% in Year Three (Effective July 1, 2025) 3.5% is guaranteed, and an additional half percent will be automatically applied if the City shows a 10-million-dollar surplus in the May 2025 forecast. Something the last several forecasts have shown)

In lieu of retroactivity, employees represented by MEF shall receive a one-time, non-pensionable lump sum payment based on their benefit level as follows:

Benefit Level

Amount of Lump Sum Payment

35.00+ Hour Benefit Level $1,000.00

30.00 – 34.00 Hour Benefit Level $750.00

25.00 – 29.00 Hour Benefit Level $625.00

20.00 – 24.00 Hour Benefit Level $500.00

Part-Time Unbenefited Employees $250.00

Eight (8) City Paid Weeks of Paid Family Leave increased from one (1), and employees shall be eligible to use an additional one-hundred and twenty (120) hours of their available sick leave for PFL purposes. This will also be “retroactive to January 1, 2023, meaning new parents who already took the previous one-week of PFL will now have an additional seven weeks of city-paid time to use.

New Comparator Agency list updating the list of cities and counties that San Jose uses to compare wages and benefits. We removed Concord, Richmond, Antioch, and San Mateo and ADDED Mountain View and Milpitas. This new list will be more advantageous for us and do more to help keep our wages competitive and help recruitment and retention.

Compensation Studies within six months of contract ratification for at least, not limited to, the following classifications • Crime and Intelligence Analyst • Crime Prevention Specialist • Facility Attendant • Police Data Specialist I/II • Police Property Specialist I/II • Network Technician I/II/III • Zookeeper & Environmental Services Specialist

Addition of Lunar New Year Holiday AND eight (8) hours of additional personal leave. New Year's Eve will no longer be a City recognized holiday, but employees may use their new eight hours of personal leave to observe NYE if they wish.

Bilingual Pay increase to $120 per month

Shift Differential Increase to $2.25 (swing) and $2.50 (graveyard)

Health In Lieu payment increase to $102.00 monthly

3.75% Certification pay for Fire Dispatch series effective upon ratification.

5% Training differential for Animal Services Officers

Increased footwear, apparel, and meal allowance amounts.

And over 25 additional tentative agreements on contract language and minor economic issues.

A complete summary will be shared soon, and information about how to attend worksite meetings to discuss the TA and vote on whether or not to ratify it.

While we didn’t achieve everything we wanted, namely being unsuccessful in restoring the “5% non-pensionable” raise, this agreement is historic. This contract represents the most significant economic wins we’ve achieved in the history of our Union. In addition to a great contract, we strengthened our Union in the process. Union members all over the City know now what is possible. They know the importance of collective action and the importance of staying engaged with the Union. A stronger Union will pay dividends for years to come.

Our Bargaining Team member NAME NAME said: “We were united, organized, and determined to get everything that our members and San Jose residents deserve. I will be voting ‘yes’ for the most historic contract we’ve ever had. And then I will be working hard to build our power for the next one.”

We got to this agreement due to staying united and building a credible strike threat. Hundreds of MEF members marched in rallies, wore their teal and green shirts, shared stories with the public, voted yes to strike, and more. All of you are the reason we were able to compel the City to finally invest in us. This also comes after years of advocating for Union champions on the Council who have stood with us through this struggle. And last but not least, we organized in lockstep unity with our IFPTE Local 21 Union siblings because there is strength in numbers, and we’re stronger together. We look forward to sharing more wins in the coming week and continuing to organize to build our power!


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