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City Moves 0.25%

On Wednesday, the City gave the Union’s bargaining team a counter proposal that included a quarter of a percent (0.25%) movement from their last proposal for a 3-year contract at 3.5%, 3.25%, and 3%. The City also rejected outright almost all of the remaining issues the Union had on the table. Things like real paid family leave, return of the 5% non-pensionable, PTO being counted towards overtime when mandated to work OT, retention pay, and so much more.

Additionally, the City suggested that both parties engage in pre-impasse mediation to help the parties understand each other better and because they “are concerned because it feels like they aren’t being heard and that we are so far apart.” At least the bargaining team and the City can agree on that point.

Here’s the deal, if we, as City staff, want to change the status quo, we need to do something different than before too. The change we need isn’t going to happen at the bargaining table. We’ve all got to be at a rally next week for one lunch hour to let the city council know this is unacceptable and that our communities deserve better.

You must RSVP to receive food and a raffle ticket for prizes! Wear your teal or green, and we’ll see you there.


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