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City Makes First Wage Proposal

Your MEF Local 101 Bargaining Team met with the City on April 26th and FINALLY received a wage proposal from them. In a disappointing but unfortunately not surprising move, the City only proposed a 3% wage increase in each of the next three years...

Unfortunately, the City remains willfully tone-deaf and doesn’t understand the dire situation that our recruitment and retention problems create for our jobs and the services we provide to the public. 3% does not keep pace with inflation nor wage increases in the region and does nothing to improve San Jose – in fact, it would hurt it more.

The Union will remain firm on the need for significant investment in City workers. Our petition, which over 2,000 of us signed, was delivered to the Mayor’s office today, and copies of it will be sent to all City Council members. We will continue to engage in further actions - including further engaging our City Council – until we win the contract our residents and we deserve.

While we have made progress in some other areas of the contract, it's clear that we will have to take the future of public services in San Jose into our own hands since City leadership remains so inept at it.

Finally, great work to everyone who showed up yesterday to the City Council meeting wearing your teal (or green). We had a brief but clear demonstration to City leaders of our willingness to do what it takes to win. Your MEF Local 101 Bargaining Team,


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