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Celebrating Success: Staff Up San Jose Victory Party Recap

On December 1st, MEF-AFSCME Local 101 came together with our coalition partners in Local 21 to commemorate the historic victories of the Staff Up San Jose campaign. It was a night filled with joy, camaraderie, and the spirit of solidarity that defines our union.

Honoring the Wins: We took this moment to reflect on the significant achievements made possible through our collective efforts during the 2023 contract negotiations. The wins we secured will have lasting benefits for our members and set a strong precedent for the power of unity in labor.

Special Guests: Our celebration was graced by the presence of San Jose City Councilmembers Omar Torres and Domingo Candelas, whose unwavering support played a crucial role in our success. Their commitment to city employees and the labor movement was evident as they shared in our triumph.

Good Times and Good Vibes: The night was filled with laughter, great food, and union-hosted drinks that added to the festive atmosphere. The beats of good music kept the energy high, and a photo booth provided a fun opportunity for members to capture memories of the evening.

Gratitude for Your Presence: To those who joined us, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your presence made the celebration all the more meaningful. It was inspiring to see members from different departments and roles coming together to revel in our collective accomplishments.

Looking Ahead: As we move forward, let's carry this spirit of unity and celebration with us. The victories of Staff Up San Jose are a testament to what we can achieve when we stand together as a union.

Stay tuned for more updates and future events. Together, we continue to build a stronger, more empowered workforce.


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