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Celebrating a Union Victory: Ensuring Fair Compensation for SJPL Employees

We're delighted to share a recent victory with you that reinforces the importance of union solidarity and standing up for your rights. This win not only highlights the strength of our collective voice but also ensures fair compensation for SJPL employees.

In the recent past, the City and San Jose Public Library (SJPL) rammed through a change to working conditions by opening library branches on Sundays. The City Council authorized some additional positions (not enough) for this effort, but SJPL didn’t wait until those positions were filled before proceeding with the change. The Union filed an Unfair Labor Practice as well as a grievance pertaining to how the change was unilaterally and unfairly made. The Union and the City were able to reach a settlement where the Union would drop its grievance and ULP charge if SJPL would agree to give library staff additional comp hours or cash depending on their FTE status. 

However, despite an agreement in black and white, SJPL sought to misinterpret the settlement agreement reached between the Union and the City, impacting the compensation owed to employees. The recent dispute revolved around the definition of "eligible employees" who should receive compensatory time or a one-time non-pensionable payment, specifically those who had worked on Sundays.

Through our relentless efforts and negotiations, we have secured an agreement that correctly interprets the settlement. The City acknowledged that they owed almost 100 additional employees compensatory time or lump sum cash, and have agreed to rectify a previous misinterpretation of the agreement.

This victory not only corrects the misinterpretation but also reinforces that when we stand together as a union, we can ensure our members receive what they rightfully deserve. It's a testament to our commitment to fair compensation and justice for all.

As we move forward, remember that your active involvement and support in the union are essential in achieving such victories. Stay engaged, stay united, and stand strong with your fellow members to protect your rights and advocate for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

We're proud of what we've accomplished together, and this win strengthens our resolve to continue advocating for our members. Let's build on this success and work towards an even stronger, more inclusive union.


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