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Bargaining Update - March 22

Here's a very quick update about our first session of contract talks with the City.

Typically, the first couple of bargaining sessions do not address any "big topics" like wage increases or major changes to benefits. However, this morning your Union bargaining team did make several proposals to the City including an additional day off - to be used at the employee's choice to recognize holidays that may be observed by staff - but that aren't observed by the City. In addition, we made several proposals focused on strengthening our Union and giving City workers a more powerful voice when it comes to the decisions that affect our jobs including alternative schedules and remote work.

The City made zero significant proposals and were completely silent on doing anything to address the 900 City vacancies by increasing wages and benefits. We will continue to meet with them every Wednesday to bargain the contract you and your colleagues deserve.

Also - Union staff will be outside City Hall from 8-9am on Tuesday, March 28 – stop by to say hi, sign a commitment card, sign the petition, and enjoy coffee and a donut! We'll be at your workplace soon!


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