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Saunders: Workers’ Memorial Day ‘is an important reminder of why we organize’

WASHINGTON — AFSCME President Lee Saunders released the following statement on Workers’ Memorial Day:

“Today, we pause to honor those who were killed on the job and commit to fighting for safer workplaces in their names.
“No one should lose their life or suffer injury or illness while simply trying to provide for themselves and their families. But too often employers seek to cut corners and workers pay the price. From corrections facilities to hospitals to veterans’ centers, public service workers are facing dangerous staffing shortages that threaten their health and safety. This is having devastating impacts on our communities, as employers struggle to keep workers on the job because working conditions are so strenuous.
“It is an important reminder of why we organize. Every safety regulation or protection on the books only happened because working people stood together to say enough is enough. It’s imperative that we continue to organize for safe workplaces – including safe staffing ratios, training, personal protective equipment and more. We must also continue to fight for permanent workplace protections against infectious disease, workplace violence and heat illness.
“AFSCME members dedicate their lives to keeping our communities healthy and safe. Let’s repay their dedication by continuing the fight for healthy and safe workplaces.”

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