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AFSCME’s Saunders applauds proposed overtime rule, a well-deserved pay raise for millions

WASHINGTON – AFSCME President Lee Saunders released the following statement in response to the Labor Department’s announcement of a notice of proposed rulemaking on overtime protections:

“Once again, the Biden-Harris administration is showing up for working people. The proposed overtime rule released today would give a pay raise to millions of workers who deserve a fair shake. “If you earn less than $55,068 a year, you should get time and a half pay if you work more than 40 hours a week. Full stop. “This proposed rule, if implemented, would make a powerful difference in the lives of so many public service workers – in libraries, social service agencies, cultural institutions and more – who currently put in long hours for little reward. They have dedicated their careers to strengthening their communities, and they deserve more. And by making it harder for employers to exploit their workers, the rule would improve retention and help address the public service staffing shortage. “On behalf of 1.4 million AFSCME members, I am proud to support this proposed rule, which represents an important step toward unrigging the economy. We will a submit public comment expressing our support, and we look forward to its full enactment.”

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